The State of South African Politics


Since this would rightfully be my first blog for this site , I thought it important that we start with the very fuel that helps the South African media industry burn so bright in the eyes of the international community, media and world powers alike.

If you mumbled SA Politics in your head , then you’re right. At this point in time there is so much of speculation and controversy that surrounds our land, we the citizens of SA are stuck fighting our own battles , the freedom fighters of yester-year are now the plunderers of today , are these not the times our elders fought so hard and bravely for, not to be found in ? Well NEW FLASH we are in these times and they are not getting better , I as a young professional am struggling to see the difference between the times “Pre 94” and times of today , it’s just that now the show is on the other foot. Our state of politics is in shambles , in my opinion if we take everybody from parliament corrupt or not, and put them in an international circus, SA would make a killing and I’m not talking Marikana or Sasolburg , I’m talking about real money that would be brought into the country via foreign investment (not super rich Asian families) but then again it would only be taken away by some minister professing to want to have a business breakfast for R700.000 ,not even the sheiks in Abu Dhabi with their entire families at the table ring up a bill of R700.00. We build mansions and homesteads with what our countries hard-earned money while at the very gate , at the precipice of this country falling to its knees is a lady selling her stuff so she could just make enough to feed her family for that day , and the very next day is another struggle another day at the mercy of poverty.

People have fought so hard for this country not to fall to the likes RM and tyrants that once ruled the continent of humanity but these dark days are slowly but surely ushering in the new age of political madness (I’m not referring to the news paper group that everyone says is corrupt. ) I’m referring to time that is here , a time that slowly engulfing this beautiful land , we need to stand up be heard and not just seen, we need to stop getting bluffed by free shirts and a free meal and a dance or 2 , we should stop speaking out and shout out.

“MG : Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The change starts now the change starts with you.